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{{Infobox television
| show_name            = 
| image                = <!-- include ALT text per [[WP:ALT]] guideline -->
| caption              = 
| show_name_2          = 
| genre                = 
| format               = 
| creator              = 
| developer            = 
| writer               = 
| director             = 
| creative_director    = 
| presenter            = 
| starring             = 
| judges               = 
| voices               = 
| narrated             = 
| theme_music_composer = 
| opentheme            = 
| endtheme             = 
| composer             = 
| country              = 
| language             = 
| num_seasons          = <!-- or num_series -->
| num_episodes         = 
| list_episodes        = 
| executive_producer   = 
| producer             = 
| editor               = 
| location             = 
| cinematography       = 
| camera               = 
| runtime              = 
| company              = 
| distributor          = 
| channel              = <!-- or network -->
| picture_format       = 
| audio_format         = 
| first_run            = 
| first_aired          = <!-- {{Start date|YYYY|MM|DD}} -->
| last_aired           = <!-- {{End date|YYYY|MM|DD}} -->
| preceded_by          = 
| followed_by          = 
| related              = 
| website              = 
| website_title        = 
| production_website   = 


Link people if they have articles.

style="background:Predefinição:Infobox television/colour; text-align:left;"| Parameter style="background:Predefinição:Infobox television/colour; text-align:left;"| Explanation
show_name The show's name.</tr> image An image relevant to the show. Should be resized to a width of 300 pixels or below, and should include alt text as required by the WP:ALT guideline.</tr> caption A caption explaining the image. An image with the title logo of the show does not need a caption.</tr> show_name_2 "Also known as", i.e. other names by which the show is known. Separate multiple names with line breaks (<br />).</tr> genre The genre of the show. Examples listed at television program. Link if an article is available.</tr> format The format of the show. </tr> creator The show's creator or creators. Separate multiple entries using {{Plainlist}}.</tr> developer The show's developer or developers. Separate multiple entries using {{Plainlist}}.</tr> writer The show's writer or writers. Separate multiple entries using {{Plainlist}}. Don't use if the show has many (5+) writers.</tr> director The show's director. Separate multiple entries using {{Plainlist}}.</tr> creative_director The show's creative director. Separate multiple entries using {{Plainlist}}.</tr> presenter The show's presenter or presenters. Separate multiple entries using {{Plainlist}}.</tr> starring The show's star or stars. Separate multiple entries using {{Plainlist}}.</tr> judges If the show involves judges, list them here, separated using {{Plainlist}}.</tr> voices Any voice artists used in the show. Separate multiple entries using {{Plainlist}}.</tr> narrated The show's narrator or narrators (if applicable).</tr> theme_music_composer The name of the composer of the show's theme music.</tr> opentheme The name of the opening theme for the show.</tr> endtheme The name of the ending theme for the show.</tr> composer The principal composer or composers providing incidental music for the show's episodes.</tr> country The show's country of origin. Do not use flag icons, as this places an unnecessary emphasis on nationality; see MOS:FLAG for a detailed rationale. </tr> language The original language or languages of the show.
Please link to a language article, e.g. [[English language|English]], not [[English]].</tr>
or num_series
The number of seasons (US) or series (UK) produced. Use one or the other, not both.</tr> num_episodes The number of episodes released. In case of cancelation a reliable source is required if the total number of episodes produced is greater than the number aired.</tr> list_episodes If a Wikipedia "List of" article exists for the show's episodes, put its name here. Do not use a link (i.e. don't include [[ ]]).</tr>
colspan="2" style="background:Predefinição:Infobox television/colour; text-align:center;"| Production-specific
executive_producer The executive producer or producers of the show.</tr> producer The producer or producers of the show.</tr> editor The editor or editors of the show.</tr> location Production location, i.e. where the show is or was shot. Leave blank if you only know the country and it's the same as country of origin above.</tr> cinematography The director of cinematography or lead cameraman.</tr> camera Either Single-camera or Multi-camera.</tr> runtime Episode duration. Should not include commercials and should be approximated, e.g. "22–26 minutes" for most half-hour shows.</tr> company The names of the production companies. </tr> distributor The names of the distributor companies. </tr>
colspan="2" style="background:Predefinição:Infobox television/colour;text-align:center;"| Broadcast-specific
or network
The original channel/channels or network/networks on which the show appeared or appears. Do not add foreign broadcasters here. Use links if articles are available.</tr> picture_format The video or film format in which the show is or was originally recorded or broadcast.
(Black-and-white, Film, 405-line, NTSC (480i), PAL (576i), SECAM (576i), HDTV 720p, HDTV 1080i. Do not use "SDTV" as it is ambiguous.)</tr>
audio_format The format in which the show's sound is broadcast.
(Monaural, Stereophonic, Surround.)</tr>
first_run The country where the show was first broadcast. Omit if the same country as country of origin above or if the show has only been broadcast in one country.</tr> first_aired Date the show first aired. Only insert the date after it has happened. Use {{Start date}}(e.g. {{start date|1981|02|26}}) so that the date is included the template's hCalendar microformat and is properly formatted according to a reader's Wikipedia date and time preferences.</tr> last_aired The original air date of the show's last episode. Use "present" if the show is ongoing or renewed and {{end date}} if the show is ended. Only insert a finale date after it has happened.</tr>
colspan="2" style="background:Predefinição:Infobox television/colour; text-align:center;"| Chronological
preceded_by If Show A was a predecessor of Show B, insert the name of Show A and production years.
(Name in italics (linked if possible) followed by year-to-year in brackets, e.g. ''[[That Ol' Show]]'' (1956–1957).)</tr>
followed_by If Show A was a successor of Show B, insert the name of Show A and production years (as for preceded_by above).</tr> related Related TV shows, i.e. remakes, spin-offs, adaptations for different audiences, etc.
(For example, The Office (UK TV series) and The Office (US TV series); The Upper Hand and Who's the Boss?; etc.)</tr>
colspan="2" style="background:Predefinição:Infobox television/colour; text-align:center;"| External links
website The show's official website (usually hosted by the network or production company).
Only enter the URL; formatting is automatic. (Do not use {{URL}} in this parameter.)</tr>
website_title The name of the official website. If omitted, the default title is "Website".</tr> production_website A secondary official website (usually hosted by the network or production company).
Only enter the URL; formatting is automatic.</tr>