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Infobox RPG
Designer(s) unknown
Publisher(s) unknown
Publication date unknown
Genre(s) unknown
System Custom


Note that all the parameters are optional - the defaults are shown in the infobox here. Title defaults to the name of the article.

{{Infobox RPG
|title= <title>
|subtitle= <subtitle, if any>
|image= <image>
|caption= <caption for image>
|designer= <designer(s)>
|publisher= <publisher(s)>
|date= <publication date>
|genre= <genre(s)>
|system= <system>
|footnotes= <footnotes>


  1. If there are some fields you don't have information for, write ''unknown'' but don't remove the field label. For example, if you don't know the publisher write unknown and keep the publisher line for someone else to fill out. Alternatively, leave the line out and include this template's usage guidelines in a comment, like this:
<!-- If you know the designer or publisher of this game, please add them to the above infobox like this:
Thanks! -->
  1. Some good places to look for information on games are Database, RPGnet reviews, and There you can often find who designed a particular game and what year it was published.
  2. A recommended size for cover images is a width of 200px, or somewhat smaller.
  3. Please link to pages on designers, publishers and systems, but don't link the publication year as it's very rarerly relevant.

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